Yes, College is Worth It – Inside Higher Ed

Yes, College is Worth It – Inside Higher Ed.

The first paragraph of Dean Dad’s post should be enough to seal the deal, but it’s well worth reading the whole thing.

A quick thought experiment: if you were offered your tuition back — minus any financial aid — in return for surrendering your bachelor’s degree — and any graduate degrees thereafter — would you take it? Just to make things interesting, let’s say that along with returning the credentials, you also have to surrender any intellectual strength you built in college, along with any jobs that required college (and/or higher) degrees and the money you made in them. In return, you would get the money you would have made and experience you would have gained with the jobs you could have had right out of high school.

Would you take the deal?

I definitely wouldn’t give back my college degrees for the amount of money they cost me.


2 thoughts on “Yes, College is Worth It – Inside Higher Ed

  1. I love your post! I love learning new things and I loved university. There is no way I could even consider such a deal..One reason I put off applying to grad school was because I was paranoid about the cost. However, investing in me is worth the money! I eventually realized that I would be an idiot not to apply solely because of the cost. Knowledge is power.

    • I worried about the same thing with grad school, but now that I’ve done it, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Isn’t funny how it can be so difficult for people to invest in themselves? Thanks for reading. 🙂

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