Yes, College is Worth It – Inside Higher Ed

Yes, College is Worth It – Inside Higher Ed.

The first paragraph of Dean Dad’s post should be enough to seal the deal, but it’s well worth reading the whole thing.

A quick thought experiment: if you were offered your tuition back — minus any financial aid — in return for surrendering your bachelor’s degree — and any graduate degrees thereafter — would you take it? Just to make things interesting, let’s say that along with returning the credentials, you also have to surrender any intellectual strength you built in college, along with any jobs that required college (and/or higher) degrees and the money you made in them. In return, you would get the money you would have made and experience you would have gained with the jobs you could have had right out of high school.

Would you take the deal?

I definitely wouldn’t give back my college degrees for the amount of money they cost me.


That’s so Hagen

If you like what you’re reading here (or even if you don’t), you’ll love this: That’s so Hagen, where my husband continues his popular newspaper column and you can hear more about Flippyhair Gigglepants and all of her adventures.

You may also want to check out his work in The Great Plains Examiner.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

I remember reading about blogs a decade or so ago, and thinking, “Who in the world would read that?” Well, now I get most of my information from blogs.

Several years back, I wanted to set up a blog, but I thought, “That shark has jumped.”

Now, here I am, starting the blog that I’ve been writing in my mind for about five years, because I finally understand that, much like email and the Internet itself, blogging isn’t just a passing fad for teenagers and narcisists. Blogging is a great opportunity for a writer like myself to share my ideas and be part of an online community.

I’m excited to see where this adventure takes us.