Separation Anxiety

I always get a little sad when I put my daughter to bed at night. I miss her instantly. I understand why she cries when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

I also think about how every day is the last day she’ll be exactly this particular age that she is and how every day I get closer to the day that she won’t want to fall asleep on my lap any more.

I’m trying my best to just soak it all in while I can.


I love being a mom.

I love my daughter so much.

She makes me smile every day.

She reminds me what’s important in life.

She constantly explores.

She takes risks.

She finds humor in the simplest things.

She cries when she says goodbye to the people she loves.

She’s not afraid to try new things.

She loves making people happy.

She takes every opportunity to learn something new.

She gives you a hug when you need one most.

She is my hero.