Motivation: We’re Doing it Wrong!

Sometimes when my husband does something a different way than I would, I jokingly say to him, “You’re doing it wrong!” Turns out, most of out there are doing one thing wrong: motivation.

This TED Talk is a must-see for anyone interested in the science of motivation and innovation. We’re spending too much time trying to “incentivize” tasks instead of helping people see things not as they currently are, but as they could be.

The Surprising Science of Motivation


Colleges Fight Google Ads That Reroute Prospective Students – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Colleges Fight Google Ads That Reroute Prospective Students – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Wow. This is a new low for for-profit institutions.

When I did a quick search for “Bismarck State College,” this ad appeared on the side:

Bismark State College

Earn a degree from schools like
Bismark State College

See your ad here »

Are they just going to skirt this issue now by misspelling the names of colleges and universities to remain “compliant?”

In loco parentis light?

Inside Higher Ed

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Blog U.: Orienting Parents – Confessions of a Community College Dean – Inside Higher Ed.

Dean Dad does it again. A thought-provoking look at the trifecta of students, parents, and institutions, and how a new “in loco parentis light” is making it’s way into colleges.

News: Starting from Zero – Inside Higher Ed

News: Starting from Zero – Inside Higher Ed.

This article caught my attention, because it featured Colorado Mountain College, which I used to live near. But now, I’m intrigued by this idea of zero-based budgeting. It’s probably something whose time has come, but folks will be slow to adopt.

Yes, College is Worth It – Inside Higher Ed

Yes, College is Worth It – Inside Higher Ed.

The first paragraph of Dean Dad’s post should be enough to seal the deal, but it’s well worth reading the whole thing.

A quick thought experiment: if you were offered your tuition back — minus any financial aid — in return for surrendering your bachelor’s degree — and any graduate degrees thereafter — would you take it? Just to make things interesting, let’s say that along with returning the credentials, you also have to surrender any intellectual strength you built in college, along with any jobs that required college (and/or higher) degrees and the money you made in them. In return, you would get the money you would have made and experience you would have gained with the jobs you could have had right out of high school.

Would you take the deal?

I definitely wouldn’t give back my college degrees for the amount of money they cost me.

How Selective Higher Ed Institutions Keep Rich Richer & Poor Poorer

Here’s a very interesting infographic on the disparity between the education offered to the most socioeconomically disadvantaged and advantaged students at the most and least selective schools. Worth a gander, for sure.

Rags to Rags - Riches to Riches
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